Week 1) Winning The Day with Baby Steps


Winning The Day with Baby Steps
Duration: 27 min

Money is an exchange of energy.  It is a contract with ourselves that we put effort and energy into something and then we have money that represents that effort for the future.  In today's class we will discuss:

- Understanding  the five personality types
- Money Memories
- What is a financial adult?
- The importance of learning to delay gratification

Create Intentions: Watch the intro video and review course recommendations. Then fill out the worksheet "Money Belief Worksheet" creating goals for this course.


Course Details:

Each week we will introduce a new theme to reduce stress around money.  Brian offers his financial expertise while Jennifer offers alternative healing methods to calm our mind and shift our mindset around the following topics:


Money as a form of energy

Expectations around money

Becoming a financial and emotional adult

Fear of Failure and Fear of Success

Why people fail with money or are able to build it

Setting Boundaries

Clearing negative believes like "Money isn't spiritual" "I'm not worthy" and "Money is Evil"

What are the steps to creating a new reality with money


Relaxation Coach and Hypnotherapist Jennifer Merritt and Brian Brogan MS, CMT, CEPA

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