Breathing for an Energized Life


Props Used: Get Comfortable, Blankets, Pillows

About this Class:

Benefits of Conscious, Connected Breathing:
70% increased intake of oxygen
Gaining new perspective on life
Learn to relax more deeply
Increase confidence
Eliminate toxins and stress through your breath
Replace worries and fears with oxygen, love and joy
Become who you want to be, the possibilities feel endless as you move stagnant energy stuck in your body. Pain and disease melt away when this becomes a frequent addition to your life-style.


About Michelle Levinski

Soul Center Massage and Bodywork

Michelle is a profound healer through her Coaching in Conscious Connected Circular Breathing. Originally from Minnesota and raised on a dairy farm.  Michelle studied fine arts in college and moved to the east coast to do graduate studies in weaving at Tyler School of Art. After experiencing many different types of bodywork and healing the aches and pains of life, Michelle decided to study massage therapy in 2001.  She is a Certified Rebirthing and Breathe Coach, Massage Therapist, Cranial Sacral Therapist and the owner of Soul Center Massage and Bodywork.


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