Yoga - Mudras for Mental Awareness and Physical Digestion


Skill Level: Challenging

Props Used: Kneepads, Blocks (any other props used to keep you comfortable)

About this Class:

This class focuses on a lot of twists and going deeper into poses that are already at a level above beginners. By bringing multiple mudras into play, it allows more focus on mind energy and helps to strengthen the core relationship between body and mind. Bridget does a fantastic job at guiding the student through poses while holding true to what her own bodies needs. This class is great for the yogi who may need to kick it up a notch and take a powerful yogic adventure.

About Bridget Yanni

Amma Yanni Yoga

Bridget Yanni is an E-RYT 500; Certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT) and licensed Bodyworker, specializing in Neuromuscular Re-education. Her class this weekend will primarily be focussed on structural alignment with an introductory to AYT-PT(Ammayanni Yoga Therapy-Positional Therapy), which works with common compensative muscle activities that create structural imbalances that may lead to chronic tension, pain or discomfort.


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