Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) Meditation by Om Prakash

Our Qigong Class, in actuality, is a spiritual growth class.  It goes just beyond movement, breathing, and physical health.  It extends to a sense of well being and a sense of being collected with something larger than the self...the ego. In our class as we work with the chakra system through Nada Yoga, we will help reivigorate your body, mind and spirit.  Since 1997 I have studied Nada Yoga extensively beginning at University of Creation Spirituality, and with Russill Paul, Nada Yoga Teacher and Mystic.  Hit the tab below to discover the power of Nada Yoga.

                 Nada Yoga Meditation

Video thumbnail: Qigong Plus -- Nada Yoga Meditation  -- Journey into Deep Spirituality

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