Booty Barre - Your Breathe is Your Partner In Shine

Taught by Heather Grutzmacher
Guided Meditation with Jennifer Merritt

Skill Level: All-Levels

Props Used:  None

About this Class:
Today we strengthen with a pilates vinyasa flow and drop into trust.  Trusting our breath to lift us. "Your Breathe is Your partner in Shine" Lean into your core being, move, and enjoy the moment!  We end with a guided meditation for relaxation with guest teacher Jennifer Merritt.


About the Teacher:

Heather is the owner of The Buddha-Bar in Elkins Park Pa. She has been evolving in her passion for Dance as both a student and teacher for over 30 years, creating fitness and dance, yoga, Pilates and Barre, Core based curriculum for over 15 of those years. She added Vinyasa Yoga and barre as her main focus while working with various studios In several beach towns in Southern NJ as well as center city PHL. Adding Pop UP Yoga for charity events to her Flow has been her latest baby. Her passion for dance and BFA from Temple University in various dance techniques, is what keeps her spark alive. Healing herself through Meditation, Reiki & Astrology as well as mentoring all aspiring teachers that come her way, has become a current focus since opening her studio. "I look forward to growing and moving forward in space, in life and through others. I am grateful that as a teacher I am able to practice being a student from everyone that I connect with." Taking her knowledge and love for Art, Dance, Music, Healing, Travel and Creating an "army of goodness" wherever she goes is something that is felt from the moment you connect with her.

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