Reiki Healing Session: Renna's Session for Increased Energy


About this Session

Clients Name: Renna

Intention: to feel more energy
Spirit Guides Name: Eloisa

During the reiki session we journey to the 7th plane of existence, calling on the creator, god, Kwan Yin, and Eloisa, for the healing using reiki, pranic healing, and magnified healing.

First part of the healing was a balancing of the two hemispheres of the brain.  Then the heart. I felt a deep unconditional love flowing to you. Then while that was continuing the energy started swirling purple, violet, and gold light around the thyroid and parathyroid.

During this I asked Eloisa to give you support and guidance on the needs of your body, nutrition, or cleansing or direction of communication, there was room or insights I heard clearly "you have the answers"

By now the heart stayed constant the energy flowed to the blood.  There was a filter cleansing the blood and circulation it was meditative the energy healing continued for the throat while the blood was cleansing.

Then the solar plexus lit up. It was a solid yellow light surrounded by a lighter yellow, there was a heavy murkey energy around the lower part but not really affecting it.  The energy was compassionate and understanding to the heavy energy and it started to shift eventually dissipating.

This was the final part of  the healing. It cleared and was complete.  We ground back down after the healing.

After the session we talked about :
boundaries on the emotional, physical, and mental level.

Possibly chord cutting in the future and balancing the masculine and feminine energies.  Wanting more feminine expression

Actions to take to continue the healing:  express femininity, go with the flow, move with grace, watery movements, slow paced.

About Jennifer Merritt

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Jen offers classes in ayurveda, reiki, yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique, kids yoga and massage therapy. She began her healing arts journey in 2001 in massage therapy. Every two years since then she has taken an intensive training.

Her studies include: Massage Therapy at the Institute of Essential Integration and The National Academy of Massage Therapy and Healing Sciences. Yoga at Yandara Yoga Institute. Hypnosis with Sharon Muir. Emotional Freedom Technique at Seeds for Change Wellness Center, Ayurveda Life Counseling at Yoga in Main.

Additional trainings in: Thai Yoga Massage, Myofacial Release with John Barnes, Reiki, Theta healing and the Alba Method.

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