Self Love and Astrology

Learn the secret to loving yourself according to your zodiac sign.

Led by Life Coach and Astrologer Lena Khavinson


Loving yourself is vital in order to feel good and confident.
Loving yourself allows us to achieve our goals in all aspects of our life, but sometimes loving yourself for who you are is easier said than done.
We reveal the secrets you need in order to learn to love yourself based on your zodiac sign.
Every zodiac sign is different, so find out what your zodiac's secret is to loving yourself and getting amazing confidence!!
This course does make sense without knowing your moon sign.  You do not need to fill this out.  You can learn about your sign according to your sun sign. If you would like to understand both your sun and moon sign here is a free form to find out your moon sign.


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Lena Khavinson

Everyone has a purpose and a calling. I have found my passion in life! I am here to help my clients develop personally and better their lives all around. As a certified life coach, my goal is to empower people to create strength in their relationships and find peace in their lives. My passion for life coaching came through my own experience seeking guidance to help me through marital challenges and infertility. Through my own journey, I discovered self-acceptance and gained a greater understanding of myself, as well as my relationships with others.
I am also a certified astrologer with consulting experience and international clientele. Sometimes, I utilize astrology chart readings to show my clients their true life direction, calling, and the path to success.


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