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Solvasa Beauty

Solvasa Beauty is a Connected Collective of intentional optimists united by a shared vision of well-being we call integrative beauty. We know that holistic beauty that radiates outwardly respects the skin, body and mind connection and starts with resilience to both internal and external stress. And while this is intuitive for many, we recognize that it may feel impractical for most. We are committed to spreading the word about products, resources and simple practices that enable each of us to embrace whole wellness in beauty so that we can be our best for ourselves and, more importantly, be our best for those who make our lives worth living. Intention over habit. Attitude over age. Presence over everything.

Internal and extrinsic stressors are foils of such beauty and a major source of accelerated aging. Our approach to integrative beauty derives from 2000 years of new ideas to counter the effects of stress on our skin as well as our overall well-being. We marry time proven eastern tradition with modern western science to create an integrative approach to skincare and beauty, respecting the connection between skin, body and mind.

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