The Truth is Emerging

Discover how to to walk your most authentic path.

Led by Margo Langlotz

What is this life all about? What is our purpose, and how do we deepen our connection to ourselves?

This class will dance in the BIG QUESTIONS! Here we set our intentions! to create more meaning in our life,

This class will offer guidance into your connection to all things mystical.Connection to our Spirit team & our Higher Self, who has a plan for your life!

Here we will gain access to our higher self and build confidence in our abilities to trust our own inner truth. To finally let go of doubt. as we build a beautiful relationship to our soul and Spirit Team.

Margo understands that growth also depends on us building relationships within our collective consciousness community. Giving each individual time to share their own experiences, knowing we all learn from each other.

She will introduce tools and techniques to raise our vibration to its highest good; welcoming guidance. into our daily lives. She can't wait to Vibrate High as we dive into our own Emerging Truth!

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How to shift out of blocks to divine love

How to use sage and palo santo

Water Meditation

 Messages from Your Spirit Guide

Vedic Astrology Exploration

Root Chakra

Sacral and Solar Plexas Chakra



Led by: Margo Langlotz

Margo Langlotz: Massage Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Yoga teacher and animal psychic/ behaviorist.

Animal connection is as natural as breathing for Margo , she has been playing in the world of energy her whole life. Born into a family where horses and dogs. were literally her siblings, these beautiful animals taught her so much about subtle energy!

She learned to heighten her abilities in intuition and non linguistic communication at an early age. Her first pony suffered from asthma. He would have days where he was perfectly normal and them during the ride he would begin to breathe differently. This constant reminder of how fragile we are, helped her tune her empathy and sensitivity to psychic connection. Now these skills are put to use with her animal clients. Helping to transform relationships within multi animal packs. bring peace and harmony to their families.

Her study of massage and energy work has brought these skills to humans! Working in this field for over 22 years has been such an honor!

2020 gave her an opportunity to dive deeper into the ocean of energy, getting her 200 hour yoga teacher certification with yoga alliance! , and working with mentors and teachers to gain even more awareness of her psychic abilities.

One thing Margo knows to be true, we are all energy. The fascination of the subtle energy body is a constant curiosity to her. within this energy lies, the possibilities of deep emotional healing. and this access point lies hidden is INSIDE of us!


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