Ayurveda Education: Tridoshic Yoga to Balance Your Mind and Nourish Your Joints


About this Class:

Tridoshic means no matter what your constitution is, Vata, Pitta, Kapha, this yoga practice is balancing for you. The first part of class is pranayama for your type. Dr Bhatt brings some joyful breathe into the practice and offers some nourishing movements for the joints and to support lymphatic flow.

About Dr. Bhatt

Alpa Bhatt was educated and trained as an Ayurvedic doctor at the Gujurat Ayurvedic University in Jamnagar, India and graduated in 1986. After graduating, she engaged in a private practice in India, England and for last over 20 years in USA.
Dr. Alpa Bhatt's training and background:
Currently, she practices in the
King of Prussia, PA. She also became a board certified integrative bodywork and massage therapist in North Carolina and Pennsylvania receiving an LMBT and NMT licenses.
In her practice she does provides Ayurvedic Consultation, Pulse Reading, Natural Remedies, Diet per persons Dosha.
She also earned certifications in many other modalities to broaden her services. Among these are: Marma Point massage, Therapeutic Yoga, Energy work, Reflexology, Reiki, Cupping therapy, Shirodhara, Chakra balancing, Music, Mantra and Meditation therapy, and Ayurvedic cooking for Body Type.
She believes that Ayurveda is a discipline that helps people to know the real nature of life, and that it offers the tools to help create and maintain good lifestyle. She works with people in the areas of diet, lifestyle and mental attitude, all of which are essential for balance and well being. Dr. Bhatt offers Ayurvedic consultations along with other modalities
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