Yoga - What is Beauty?


Skill Level: All Levels (gentle flow)

Props Used: yoga blocks (anything to keep you comfortable in your body)

About this Class:

The theme is beauty and what it looks and feels like on a deeper level. Inner grace, in this video, is described as a living force of beauty within us all. Part of the beauty of being human is we are all different. All body's are different, so we honor where we are in each moment. Grace moves differently through us all; just like it moves differently through each unique tree. There is so much beauty in one tree, as in each individual... so much beauty lies in a community however; or a forrest. During this class time, allow your mind energy to praise your uniqueness; as you inhale, send out your inner grace. On the exhale, connect to world community, truly feeling the beauty of the eternal OM!

About Bridget Yanni

Amma Yanni Yoga

Bridget Yanni is an E-RYT 500; Certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT) and licensed Bodyworker, specializing in Neuromuscular Re-education.

Her class this weekend will primarily be focussed on structural alignment with an introductory to AYT-PT(Ammayanni Yoga Therapy-Positional Therapy), which works with common compensative muscle activities that create structural imbalances that may lead to chronic tension, pain or discomfort.


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