Kids Yoga - Yogi Playhouse

Week 1: Journey to Egypt
This class takes you on a journey through back in time to Ancient Egypt through a series of Egyptian themed yoga poses.





Week 2: Exploring Nature 

A story-based yoga practice including animal and nature poses. Following practice, sing-a-long to "Colors of The Wind".


Week 3: Dreaming of a Beach Day and a Pirates Adventure
Bring the whole family along for the adventure. This is a story based class that follows a child to the beach, the ocean, a forrest and pirate ship looking for treasure. Listen to the story and follow along with the poses. After the story finishes, learn how to play the game Ships and Sailors.

Week 4: Let's Go to the Zoo

In the Yogi Playhouse, imaginations run wild! During this class, you will practice many yoga poses that resemble animals that you would find at the zoo. This class is great for the whole family.

Week 5: Little Warrior

An adult styled class geared towards kids. This class will take you through a series of grounded and standing postures.

Week 6: Farmer Yogi's Barnyard Fun

Take a hot balloon to farmer yogi's barnyard. While there, do a series of farm animal yoga poses and noises. Before returning home, play a bonus "Yogi Says" game!

Week 7: Be Your Own Hero
Embrace your inner super hero and join in the fun. This class takes you through super hero training using yoga poses. Finish class with a headstand option and hero song.
Week 8: Yogi Alphabet
Warm up with modified sun salutations. Once warm, practice using your whole body to create every letter in the alphabet forwards and backwards.


Yogi Playhouse - Balance, play, laugh, and flow through a fast paced game yoga practice.


Taught by Dana Levy

Buddha Bar

Dana Levy is an Asthanga certified yoga instructor and Elementary School teacher. Her many years of gymnastics experience helped form her love of yoga. She practices various styles of yoga and breathing techniques. Dana has an unique ability to connect with children of all ages. She hopes to inspire the next generation of yogis.

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