Margo Langlotz

4 Thursday 7 PM EST - The Truth is Emerging: A Class in Intuition with Margo

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About The Truth is Emerging: A Class in Intuition

1 hour live-streamed personal growth class

all are welcome

What is this life all about? What is our purpose, and how do we deepen our connection to ourselves?
This class will dance in the BIG QUESTIONS! Here we set our intentions! to create more meaning in our life,

This class will offer guidance into your connection to all things mystical.Connection to our Spirit team & our Higher Self, who has a plan for your life!
Here we will gain access to our higher self and build confidence in our abilities to trust our own inner truth. To finally let go of doubt. as we build a beautiful relationship to our soul and Spirit Team.

Margo understands that growth also depends on us building relationships within our collective consciousness community. Giving each individual time to share their own experiences, knowing we all learn from each other.

She will introduce tools and techniques to raise our vibration to its highest good; welcoming guidance. into our daily lives. She can't wait to Vibrate High as we dive into our own Emerging Truth!


Margo Langlotz

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